Consolidated Warehousing LLC has 225,000 SF of Warehousing, Bulk Storage & Processing
operations on a 13 acre site in Alvin TX.  The facility is BNSF R-R served & located just off Hwy 6,
on 2nd St, 1 mile N of Hwy 35S, a few miles from the Ports of Houston, Freeport & Galveston.

We can facilitate clients who need to bulk ship [truck or R-R hopper car] and have their products
unloaded, stored, perhaps processed [blended, milled, dried etc.] bagged, palletized, stretch hood
wrapped and warehoused &/or loaded into Box-cars, containers or trucks for shipment/distribution.

We can store over 15,000 tons of dry bulk in over 200 silos, have the ability to process [unload, bag,
palletize] 25 @ 100# bags/min, over 5 R-R cars/day and warehouse finished products.

  •  R-R spurs, 3500 ft. total, 4 lines with under cover hopper car unloading.
  •  Dense phase pneumatic R-R hopper car or truck loading/unloading system.
  •  Bulk Container unloading and storage.  Cyclonic and Bag-house Dust collection.
  •  Bulk products storage.  Over 200 bins/silos for storage of products, including grain/feed.
  •  Dock high warehouse for loading and unloading of trucks, Containers and R-R Box cars.          
  •  High speed Bagging with Automatic Palletizing & Stretch film pallet wrapping.
  •  Shrink hood and Stretch hood wrapping.
  •  Public scales.  Sprinkler system.  Extensive heavy-duty 4-high pallet racking system.
  •  Bulk solids blending, milling, drying, screening, filtering, agglomeration, pelletizing.
  •  Bulk liquids blending, mixing, dispersions, emulsifying, and filling vessels, totes & tanks.            
Consolidated Warehousing LLC, 715 N. 2nd St. Alvin, TX   77511

Inquiries & e-mail:  For warehousing info,
please contact Johnny Dunham at: